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Introduces Solids Fun and Safely & Naturally Helps Toothing Pain 

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Teething Discomfort? 

Has your baby been extremely fussy lately and biting on its hand and pacifier aggressively? 


Even worse refusing to eat or take its bottle of milk! Pressing their cheek towards the shoulder by tilting their head tugging their ear, staring at you with watery red eyes filled with frustration and pain. 


Ask yourself “What can I do to help my baby?” 


Baby Feeder is your secret weapon just fill it with frozen breastmilk or fruit. This will cool and numb the gums helping lower the pain and calm your baby down almost immediately. 

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Tested regularly to comply with CPSIA and FDA standards 

Freeze breastmilk for teething and introduce your baby to tasty new foods, veggies, or fruit! Your baby will eagerly point to the freezer! A flavorful way to maintain your baby's nutrition 

Save time and Stress. So much easier to clean than the net ones and keeps baby entertained! perfect for soothing some teething pain without meds

Trusted and safe- all our products are lab tested and FDA and CPSIA compliant.

Cruelty-free & vegan

Promotes important Self-feeding motor skills 

Recyclable packaging

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Transitioning to Solids? 

The Home Health Baby Feeder isn't just about safety – it's about empowering your little one to embark on their food journey with confidence and joy. Let them feel the excitement of discovery, one delicious bite at a time!

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Real reviews from real customers

Every time I eat something my baby would be staring and drooling so I started using this even before starting solids. I honestly dont know if that was ok to do so ask your pediatrician but I had no choice but to wait on starting puree. So anyhow whenever we ate something he would be drooling and wanting it so I got this and used it to introduce and feed him apples and pears. He loved it so much! He learned to chew with his gums and suck on the juice. He would be quiet for a long time because he's enjoying his fruit too!

Katie Warren

Bought this item to introduce fruit and soft snacks to my nephew.. he was able to easily grip and start snacking. Love the variety of sizes and nephew has no issues with eating. Highly recommend!

Nita Pena

Easy to use and clean! Perfect for my teething and growing baby

Tracy Marie


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